Why Managed Care Concepts

What Makes Us Unique?

We can provide "turnkey" solutions or develop a program to fit your organization's unique needs. We can also provide training and consultation in a wide variety of areas.

Managed Care Concepts Offers a Wide Range of Mental Health Services Including:

We Get Results

With a managed mental health company, we reduced a client's outpatient mental health care costs by approximately $900,000 in one year while maintaining outstanding quality assurance ratings from the members. Nine years later, results are maintained.

Customer Retention Rate

Managed Care Concepts (MC2) has a 100% customer retention rate. We have never lost a customer due to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) performance-related issues. We have a long and dedicated history of outstanding quality and service.

No Conflict of Interest

We do not engage in any conflict of interest. We are a privately held independent company that has no financial affiliations with any treatment providers or insurance carriers. Our interactions with our client company representatives and their members have always been straightforward. We conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity.

Individualized Attention

We make every client company feel like they are the only client company we have. This is due to our hands-on approach with every employee and manager that contacts Managed Care Concepts with a problem. We handle all issues in-house and will often exceed expectations and time limits. Managers feel like they can contact us with any issue and it will be resolved promptly and professionally.


The quality and stability of the organization and Managed Care Concept's team of professionals is unique and exceeds EAP industry standards. The management team has successfully led the organization for more than 10 years. The clinical and administrative staff's commitment is demonstrated by an average of over five years length of service.


Managed Care Concepts (MC2) was founded in 1993. Our clinicians are mental health professionals with at least five years of experience working with Employee Assistance Programs.


Unlike other larger companies, we have no time limits with callers. Employees calling the toll-free number receive our full, undivided attention. We remain on the telephone until all their needs are met. Calls are answered by a live person and handled individually. It is truly a hands-on approach. The emphasis is on 100% personalized client care.

Customer Service Expertise

Our organizational development skills allow for continual professional consultation services. We are called by client companies to serve on committees, provide expert advice, and help play a large role in the decision making process for the majority of our client companies.

High Engagement and Utilization Rate

The engagement rate by employees is 94.7%. That means almost 95 out of 100 employees who are referred to clinicians, keep their first appointment. We connect callers directly into the clinician's office to help facilitate their first appointment. It is this level of commitment and follow-through that improves utilization and increases the rate of engagement. Managed Care Concepts’ average utilization is 10–18%; this is 5–11% higher than the national EAP average.

We Take One Step Beyond the Rest

When necessary we go beyond contractual services. We are not bogged down by having to deal with administrative issues. When a decision has to be made, we make it. Client company representatives and employees' alike benefit from such flat line capabilities.